Safety at RCI

At RCI, safety isn’t just a part of our culture – it is our culture.  From the point of hire, we engrain in our employees that everyone’s safety is everyone’s responsibility.  This commitment is reflected in the policies and training that guides our daily work towards excellence as a company.  As outlined by our President and our Safety manager, RCI’s guidelines include safety, health, and environmental concerns.

RCI is currently a member of the following safety compliance consortiums and approved for: ISNetworld, DISA, Gulf Coast Safety Council, TWIC badges, and more.logo-member-contractor

Regulations –

Simply put, we expect every RCI employee to contribute to a safe work environment.  At a minimum, we expect RCI employees to:

  • Work sober and free of any drug influence at all times,
  • Inform their supervisor if they are unfit for duty, if they get hurt, or if an accident should occur
  • Know the RCI Safety Guidelines and any pertinent guidelines to their current operating location, and comply with standards therein,
  • Wear proper PPE, work clothes, and work shoes, and
  • Wear respirators, safety glasses, and personal fall arrest as required.


RCI considers training in safe work methods, practices, and hazard recognition to be a priority to promoting a safe work environment.  This philosophy is reflected in our regular training sessions with employees, including:

  • New hire safety orientation for all employees
  • OSHA-10 construction training
  • Weekly safety meetings
  • Site-specific training
  • Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) training
  • Confined space training
  • Specific equipment training, and more